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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 23, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> also, breaking this afternoon out of south san francisco, a strong odor forced a building evacuation north of colma creek. people had to be decontaminated and taken to the hospital. firefighters are trying to determine the cause of the problem there. >> right now surfers being told to stay away from a popular beach. you can see it on the map here after a shark he killed a surfer today that happened at about noon in lompoc. the surfer says the shark lunged at his friend then swam off. >> chains have been required over interstate 880 because of several inches of snow. the condition caused so many spinouts, the chp held traffic at td border for a time. heavy akoom laigs forced caltrans to scramble to put away equipment. >> a foot of snow fell at donner summit. the resort will make more snow overnight and decide tomorrow
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whether it can open two lifts by the end of the week making it the first california ski resort to open this season. both have begun reving up their machines to help sup memt the second wave of natural snow. storm has dumped 30 inches of snow in the sierra. >> taking a look outside here this is our camera. no rain now. change is expected. he let's go to spencer christian. >> changes certainly expected. you can see there is a calmer picture than yesterday, we've had a few light scattered showers nothing significant but there could be something forceful coming our way. north bay going way up north into mendocino county and into lake county we can see spotty areas of light showers, take a look at the north coast here. there is rather powerful
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thunderstorm activity west of eureka. you can see that we've got active weather off shore moving generally into our direction so. this evening there is a chance of showers. here is our first forecast. chance of showers this evening. there could be some locally heavy down pours. temperatures raininging from mid-50s to low 60s early tomorrow morning, showers continue. showers likely early morning readings 44-52. tomorrow afternoon, areas of sun. clouds, and a chance of showers into afternoon hours tomorrow, high temperatures ranging from about 58 at the coast to 64 inland. how will this affect day one of the world series? take a look at that in the accu-weather forecast. a little later. >> thank you. >> in vallejo, police hope that a $10,000 cash reward will help bring in more clues to help them solve a horrific case they're calling a quadruple murder. >> the 28-year-old was
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pregnant with twins when she was shot to death along with her fiancee. it happened at their home, police say two men were seen running away and jones and mills were the intended target. >> this is the worst pain imaginable. no parent, no mother, no father should ever have to experience what we're experiencing here today. >> police have set up this anonymous tip line, 1-800-488-9383. >> take a look at this, alameda county sheriff released a picture of this man. they say he killed a 58-year-old barbara lapochet last thursday then set the house on fire. investigators say the killer assaulted the victim then fled in her 2006 volvo, suv. the vehicle found abandoned in castro valley.
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police asking for help in identifying this killer. >> in san francisco opening statements underway in the case of frederick dozer accused of committing a string of sexual assaults in the mission district last year. police arrested him in january, they say he confessed during videotaped interviews. >> san bruno city council votes on the ouster of the head of the public utilities commission. eight people died when a pg&e pipeline exploded two years ago. the families accused chairman of making back room deals with pg&e. the counsel is calling on senator george mitchell who refused to serve as a mediator in four explosion cases against the utility. >> our navy is smaller now. >> we have fewer horses and bayonetts. the nature of the military has
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changed. >> both candidates are back on the campaign trail following the final debate. president obama visited florida, governor romney visited nevada and colorado. we'll have more on what the candidates did today ahead at 4:30. >> now stock market, it was a dark day for the dow, certainly. it tumbled today after dupont and xerox missed their earnings. the nasdaq gave back 26 points to close below 3,000. s and p 500 lost 20 points. apple unveiled a smaller ipad called the mini. >> apple unveiled its new ipad mini, but they also unveiled
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more. the screen is almost two inches smaller and the resolution is the same. graphics, text, and photos will look the same. >> you can hold it in one hand. this just isn't a shrunken down ipad. it's a new design. >> the mini is $179 less than the original ipad. >> there are consumers that won't pay for a tablet. and this new pro duct allows them to get in a lot cheap year apple did redesign imac. it's thin and sports a dual storage option, a fusion drive and hard drive. the mini is the center piece for the holiday shopping season. >> orders will start on friday. >> after hours trading facebook stock up 11%.
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after the company released it's third quarter earnings that inched past wall street expectations. an lifts say it's evidence facebook is making inroads in advertising. >> san francisco based zynga cutting its work force by 5%. social gaming company announced this afternoon it's shutting down it's boston operation and laying off workers in the boston, texas office. it announced wilt phase out 13 games, including the ville. this out of the earnings report which is not expected to be pose tif san francisco is at the center of the baseball world once again. you're looking at a live picture from at and t park. media day is happening against detroit tigers.. >> exciting stuff. larry beil is there and will have reaction from players and coaches at 6:00, live tonight. now, among those he'll be speaking with is pitcher barry
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skpeeto, getting the start in game one. >> giants made it back thanks to their impressive win over the st. louis cardinals. >> second baseman and nlcs most-valuable player marco scutero secured the final out. >> the grounds crew got to work getting ready for the second world series appearance. great. more on the fan frenzy. >> giants fans using this break in between series to do some shopping. trying to beat the crowd. i know it's going to be crazy here. >> sweat shirts for men are sold out, tee shirts selling for $32. giants common tateor stopped by the dugout to stock up. >> i'm here, i've got to get shirts and hats for relatives and friends. we're caught up in it.
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everybody wants a piece of the team. >> the second bats came off the belt a little after 5:00 this morning. the crew at san francisco graphics sports wear gambled and printed shirts before giants won. the gamble turned out to be a good one. >> you have to be ready. people expect it. they're in that fever pitch. they want tee shirts. >> salesmanger mike smith says there is some debate this series over whether to print them early. giants did get off to a slow start. he says they hate to eat the shirts. major league baseball insists they destroy them if the team doesn't win. it turns out anything with a giants logo is a big seller now. they can barely keep cupcakes in stock. >> it's been crazy. people are like where are they?
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can i get them? they can order them. but demand in the store, we can't keep up with. >> these tee shirts are the big siller- -- seller this morning they'll be open from 8:00 to 8:00 all week. >> games one and two will be wednesday and thursday. games three and four scheduled for saturday and sunday evening. it is best of 7 series so other games are not yet a sure thing. standing room only tickets start at $400 on web sites such as subhub. >> yikes. >> still ahead, san francisco's mayor's big announcement today to train, and place thousands in high tech jobs. >> a survey finds americans plan to postpone their golden years a lot longer.
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taking a look at the skyway it slow going for drives trying to make their way east across the bay bridge.
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san francisco unveiled a new jobs initiative today. it could work as a match maker between the city. it aims to train and find jobs for 2500 residents over the next five years. the nir tiff partnering with various programs at sf city representing 350 employers like twitter. >> ask our member companies
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who are you going to hire in the next 18 months? we're going to go back to say let's go to city college, san francisco state, make sure that they're classes are training for these jobs. >> san francisco added nearly 38,000 new jobs over the last year, one fourth in the technology sector. >> millions of middle class americans say they're expect to be working into their middle age. 30% of the people surveyed say they'll have to work into their 80s. that is up from 25% he said that a year ago. 70% say they expect to have to work part time. the average amount of money people polled saved is $25,000. results based on a survey of a thousand americans earning less than $100,000 a year. >> golden years not so golden. >> a big management change is coming to sirius xm radio.
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hi, nicole. >> good afternoon, dan, carolyn. the ceo coming to xm radio. the ceo says he's going to least company february 1. the decision comes as liberty media continues to raise his ownership stake in a bid to control the company. saying it will consider internal and external candidates for the position. staying in the world of radio, pandora surging today, most in the month. a lot of investors think of apple starting a new service died down for now. in fact apple marketing pensioned pandora looks great, works great on new mini ipad. and vmi recording solid third quarter earnings saying the demand is still strong despite the uncertain economy.
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sales up 20% but profit dipped 12%. it means former company as the new cfo. take a look now, took a tumble down with one of the biggest drops since june. since friday, the dow lost more than 450 points. we got disappointing earnings perfect the likes of 3 m and dupont. concerns took a toll on commodities erasing their gains oil, cotton, copper among losers. apple shares didn't escape the pain. the company unveiled as mentioning earlier mini ipad. investors were concerned lowest priced version might not draw as many user as way
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from the likes of kindel and barns and noble's nook. silicon valley index closing lower, shares of apple, hewlett-packard ora cell dragging that down. and net flix is also out with some scary numbers about its streaming growth. the online video service reported it added just over one million u.s. subscribers in the third quarter raising doubts about the company's seven million new subscribers. the company had net income dropping 87% to almost $8 million but sales rose $905 million. sorry i didn't have better news for you, guys. i feel like a little bit of debbie bouner. >> thank you very much. beautiful weather behind nicole. so, a break in the rain. it's been calm, compared with
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yesterday. looking at mount diablo we have clouds, puffy developments of cumulus but mainly blue clouds around. things may turn. take a turn for cloudier side into the evening hours. it's again a quiet one. we do expect showers to start to move through here tonight. looking up north just a bit over clear lake we see pockets of moisture and showers up around fort bragg. looking northwest off shore we can see area of thunderstorms. looks active and impressive near crescent city. and eureka. just due west of cue kia. thinking of getting active out to sea. over into central sierra, if we loop radar you can see snow showers there tapered off after a dose of winter weather.
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right now here in the bay area quiet conditions mainly into low 60s rather narrow range of uniformed temperatures. these are the forecast features. there are showers tonight. isolated thunder is possible. scattered showers again tomorrow. and then, tapering off to milder pattern by weekend. looking at satellite you can see a big area of storms into the pacific northwest. this is our next wave of showers moving into our direction now. some of the activity will move through here tonight. let's start our animation at 7:00. at which point most shower activity will be northwest. by 9:00 tonight we'll see next wave of showers moving through and we'll have active weather into early morning start of rush hour ploblly wet in spots around the bay area. we'll continue into afternoon hours. at lead mid day with a chance of scattered showers. later in the day chance of showers will diminish. we'll look at rainfall totals
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possibly up to an inch and a half into north bay mountains. up to a tenth of an inch in the south bay. over into sierra, from 11:00 tonight to tomorrow night we can see another four to eight inches. travel difficulties are possible. low temperatures back here in the bay area under showery conditions. upper 40s in the north bay. low 50s just about everywhere else, tomorrow, continued chance of showers. low temperatures -- high temperatures, rather low to mid 6 ows. a pretty cool day. tomorrow afternoon and evening will be game one of the world series, giants hosting tigers, conditions just after 5:00 p.m. partly cloudy skies, diminishing chance of showers. on the cool side. temperatures 60 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast.
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drying out thursday. there is a slight chance of showers earlier in the day thursday, we warm up ahead into weekend into mid-70s inland. >> they are. >> still ahead here tonight rock and roll half marathon coming to another bay area city. we'll have that, plus... >> oh, oh! oh, my. the fall off the dancing with the stars" floor that has people talking today. what had one of the judges all over like that? >> and take a look outside. you're looking at bay bridge toll plaza. it's really smooth sailing at 4:21 in the afternoon. not bad at ought.
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a festive popular marathon series is adding a new bay area destination. the half marathon set for sunday, april 7th, 2013. will feature live bands, cheerleaders and themed water station as long the race course. the new event is in addition to rock and roll half marathon in san jose. >> some of hollywood big stars stepping back on the red carpet. >> awards season is underway kicking off with hollywood film awards. from amy adams to bradley
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cooper waits full of a listers came to be the first to celebrate a year in film. >> it's an honor to be here its awesome anything to help get awareness out there is awesome. >> cooper got the award and adams got supporting actress award for the actor. ellen degeneres accepted the mark twain prize for american humor. saying she hopes the comedy makes people happy. kanye west, kim kardashian and other celebrities hit the red carpet for the angel ball. >> whenever we can support something to raise wareness we want to be a part of it.
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>> and the new trailer for iron man three is out. watch it now on i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> a judge on "dancing with the stars" thought one dance was so good, it knocked her off her feet. >> this sultry rumma earned a nearly perfect score. the judge soim pressed with the dance she couldn't contain herself, or her balance. take a look. >> oh, oh. >> carey ann got a big hug after the tumble. melissa ryekroft is back after suffering a herniated disc over the weekend. there will be no elimination because of abc news coverage
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of the presidential debate. the scores from last night and tonight will be added to next week's scores. i think that was her chair that tipped back. >> there is always some drama on that show. >> coming up the race for president getting more aggressive. how both candidates are trying to win votes during the final two weeks before election day. >> is this the future of driving? the government makes a move that could speed up process of
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the debates are over. we're now just two weeks from november election, last night's debate focused on foreign policy. today both candidates back on the campaign trail. >> battle is on to win over undecided voters, critical. mark matthews is here to look ahead at the next two weeks of the campaign. >> weeks ago, the president held a lead in this race our analyst predicted it would be much closer, he was right. today contenders kicked it into high gear watching a push to win voters with just 14 days before election day. president obama is making his
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closing argument for another term in a new tv commercial. >> we made real progress. last thing we should do is turn back now. >> republican challenger, mitt romney on the air waive was his own ad painting the election as a clear choice. >> there are two paths the country can take, one is represented by the president which would mean we would have $20 trillion in debt. >> today the president outlined haze jenda for the next four years. >> in this campaign, i've laid out a plan for jobs, and middle class security. and unlike mitt romney, i'm actually proud to talk about what is in it. >> the romney campaign will try to cut into presidentx-รณ obama's apparent lead in battle ground states like nevada. and both knowing the buck eye state is key for victory f romney lose there's woe need
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to sweep virtually all other battle grounds its hard to imagine romney winning if he can't win in ohio. and if he loses ohio and florida there is no hope. >> he points out at the moment the president is ahead in ohio. mitt romney, at the moment, leading in florida. both men going to be spending a lot of time and money in those states. we'll include what the president calls biggest whopper of the campaign. >> russia took states against members of a controversial punk rock band. reports say two of the band's plea members have been moved to a prison camp. sentenced to two years after being convicted of hooligagism this year for performing a song critical of the orthodox church. the state department blasted
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the decision. >> we think the way they're being handled is inappropriate to the cause. we call on russian authorities to continue to review this case. >> a third member of the band released on a suspended jents this month. >> saudi arabia announced today the islamic hajj pilgrimage will begin on thursday, it is required of all able-bodied muslims once of their lifetime. it requires pilgrims to walk several times around the kaba in a counterclockwise direction. more than three million are expected. here is an example of the changing face of libya. this is a former compound of muammar gaddafi now home to refugees force to flee during war. he used this to house military personnel and family.
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the current residents are rebuilding and cleaning it out. they renamed this area liberation district. >> back here at home employees at napa state hospital holding a vigil to mark the second aefrgs of a murder of an employee by a patient. donna gross killed on the job by a patient in 2010. union workers will be joined at the public memorial at napa state hospital that begins tonight at 6:00. hospitals have made safety changes as a result of the tragedy. the patients -- patient pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. >> using freedom of information act abc news obtained a list of 20 airports where the most tsa agents have been stealed. sfo, oakland international airport and minetta san jose international airport are not on the list. miami international airport tops the list. new york jfk next with 27
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terminations for theft. los angeles, and las vegas international airport round out the top five. the tsa fired nearly 400 employees for stealing. >> are driverless cars safe? that is what the federal government wants to term. it's launching an initiative to determine safety and reliability of the technologies that enable cars to drive themselves. last month they authorized testing of all theo mated cars. google has been working on a fleet that drive themselves by using sensors and gps satellite navigation and after clocking 300,000 miles they say they've in the had a single accident. >> i can't wait to drive that way. >> that would be lovely. >> still ahead tablet wars heating up for holiday season. etc. not the only option. >> also a vaccine to get rid of belly fat. research could help people cut down on problem areas. >> take a look at this big
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mess on interstate 5 in los angeles today. we'll explain what caused this huge pipe. >> looking over lake tahoe, i guess we're not. but we we're supposed to. showers coming coming our way, again. >> taking a look at traffic beautiful day out there. traffic moving nicery in both directions. stay with us, abc 7 news at
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>> interstate 5 is partially reopen. the patrol says it started when it jackknifed on the rain slicken newell pass tunnel. four more tractor trailer as approaching this crash collided trying to slow down. all lanes reopened by early afternoon. >> five touchdowns tied a state record set back in 1996. this is what it looked like in yuba city. the tornadoes damaged dozens of homes and some commercial buildings no. injuries reported. the national weather series says this is the highest number in a day since april
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fool's day, of 0 years ago. five twisters flattened trees and barns near stockton. >> that is unusual time of the year for that, too. >> they have calmed down quite a bit for now. you can see that we're just about precipitation-free in the bay area. we have a break in the weather. up north we have scattered pockets of light shower activity. some active weather coming our way. generally quiet and down along the extreme southern portion of the florida most of the remainder of the nation will be dry and under seasonal conditions. state wide here in california tomorrow showers up into the north. snow over the sierra. and partly sunny skies and mild in the southern part of the state. here in the way area we expect
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a chance tomorrow. diminishing chances moving into afternoon hours. earlier, better chance of showers later in the day. partly sunny skies in the afternoon hours. cooler with highs reaching into low to mid-60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. we expect a rain free start. then, a partly cloudy day thursday, warming up with temperatures into mid-70s inland saturday and sunday. >> thank you. >> still ahead here tonight at 4:00 why the government is discouraging hormone therapy for certain women. >> and proof exercising is good for more than just your muscles.. >> the woman says her purse saved her life. when two masked men attacked. >> in san jose, how san jose
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county is preparing for a major incident. >> coming up at 5:00 some relief at the pump. and organic food that will cost you more but doesn't pay off in
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wla a nightmare, finding out your son or daughter has been hospitalized following a rave party. today emergency responders in santa clara went through a full scale exercise to learn how to better deal with that type of situation.
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she's live tonight. leanne? >> you know this is a three-day drill. each day about 100 first responders from santa clara county will participate. and what we saw today is to prepare for raves and any kind of emergency situation. this took place in san jose in a now-closed movie theater, first responders went inside, searched for victims, pulled them out assessing their can be conditions, 10 fire departments again from santa clara county are participating in the drills. the people who are pretending to be injured are volunteers or high school students taking a course in emergency response. here is what is interesting. each one gets a tag with a color. green means minor injuries red
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means immediate attention. this system is the same anywhere in the united states. this is could be shooting victims earthquake victims. any mass casualty. the way we'd approach is the same. this is done every thee years in this county z later they'll come back and try to figure out where they can make any kind of improvements. >> thank you very much. >> a texas woman can thank per purse for the fact she's still alive today. two men tried to rob her sunday morning. she says they demanded she hand over her purse.
4:47 pm
she refused. >> i think hanging on saved my life because i had it over my chest. >> two bullets hit dolly in the leg. she's doing fine, as you can see. police do not he recommend do you this, sfaig you're held up hand over belongings immediately without a fight. >> checking healthy living news this afternoon, part onme, my mic went off there. researchers believe they've come up with a way to melt off belly fat with an injection. that helped them turn bad fat into good fat that the body needs to function. >> today an independent group
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of experts released new rec men daigs for the first time since 2005, arguing begins ser scribing therapy citing risks of dementia and breast cancer. more proof exercising is good for the rain as well as muscles. researchers studied 700 people for a three-year period and found those who stayed more active tended to have larger brains than those who did not exercise and found regular exercise protects against formation of white matter lesions. >> its high season for consumer electronics. there is a mini announced today but the company is not the only out with a new
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tablet. abc news has more on tabbet wars heating up in time for holidays. apple is taking on the mighty kindel devoices and other e-readers. >> what else can we do to use knit places we never imagined? >> this new ipad mini weighs just.68 pounds. it ships november 2. >> would you like to see one in person? this tab blet wars heating up. in june microsoft introduced their soon to be released tablet considered to be the first real challenger to the ipad. >> it's well designed.
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i'm interested in it. >> there is a gigantic difference in products. >> apple introduced ipad four. until now, biggest criticism of a smaller ipad has come from inside apple. steve jobs called it dead on arrival. >> it does make sense apple wants to make a product going well for most people. >> apple announced that last week it sold it's 100 millionth ipad. >> just ahead four words that could save you from big problems. his advise? get knit writing. one man contacts p on your side. finney made it right. >> incentives to boost
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kevin ford and two russians are headed for the international space station right now. the men aboard the craft that blasted off from a launch pad this morning. it will take the space craft two days to reach the space station this, is the second trip there. he piloted the shuttle discovery in 2009. a rug installation didn't go quite as planned and quick fixes didn't work a man turned to michael finney for help. >> first glance the rug seems just like any other. but mark mcfarland knew it wasn't right you spend a lot of money you want it to be
4:55 pm
done the way it was proposed to be done. >> this, he points out the seam is visible near the doorway. in the contract the company promises to put the seam near the back wall of the room. >> mark says he noticed the problem with the seam when installation was done. >> he goes yeah. that flattens out and then, you won't notice it. it did return. the company came back to attempt a quick fix. >> time passed on the carpet started looking noticeable. >> this is eight months after the quick fix. this time, the company decided nothing more could be done. mark decided he'd call another
4:56 pm
installer to put in a new rug. his son unkurjd him to do otherwise he said dad go to channel 7. you don't want to pull it out for something that wasn't your fault. >> so we contacted tri county ford. now, tri county owner admitted this installer wasn't instructed to put it behind the back wall. the owner told us at the end of the day i just want to take care of customers. >> without michael finney i'm sure there would be more unhappy people if you have an issue let me know about it. >> oakland airport offering free parking to help boost
4:57 pm
travel. passengers flying mid week will get up to three days of free parking. this is the second time oakland offered this program on tuesday, wednesday, thurs. passengers can visit the web site to register and printout that coupon. >> we wanted to share new pictures with you. these are all deck out in gear. we have zo echt. she's wearing her rally cap and -- kowell rather as a cape. you can send your photos or share them with us on our face book page. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4. one reminder you can down load it for me free and receive
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headline asks weather the moment you wake up. >> the driving force behind the biggest price drop we've seen at the pump in years. >> i'm sand aa patel. picking up strikes and more moisture when the next round of showers moves in, coming up. >> skm first storm of the season caught drivers off guard. resorts may open up early. >> and you're looking at flaming, smoking wreckage of a plane that crashed today. >> the faa says the home built plane went down near discovery bay. good evening. >> abc 7 news is live near the scene at least one person was on board. is that right? >> that is right. and directly behind me in this
4:59 pm
field you can see that still smoldering recage of the plane. the crash killed the pilot who was believed to be the only one on board. let's take a look from sky 7 which shows you the fireball that was the plane when the crews first arrived. they found it engulfed in flames. it was a home built glass air three. the company describes it as sleek, high performance, and says it can reach 300 miles per hour. the company says that in just two weeks it can go from the kit to being built and ready to take off. this particular plane registered to a company called dsb incorporated out of furlly, nevada. we do not have the pilot's identity yet. a nearby farmer says he heard the plane just before it hit the ground.


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